Nebulizer V2 hp nebulizer

The Pharmaceutical Delivery System (PDS)™

Technology that can potentially benefit more than half of the world’s population

The Pharmaceutical Delivery System (PDS)™ incorporates Micro Micron Mesh (MMM)™ technology to provide precise drug delivery to the lung without breath co-ordination.

Can be used with the following common name drugs, Biologic and Biosimilar Therapeutics: Humira®, Antibiotics, Insulin, Epinephrine, Imitrex®, Exubera, Anticholinergics, Anti-inflammatories, Hormones, Appetite suppressant, Dopamine agonist, Nicotine, Sildenafil, Sumatriptan, Vaccines, Diazepam, Antiemetics, Stimulants opioids, Suboxone®, Diphenhydramine, Morphine, Corticosteroids, Antiemetics, Buprenorphine and Tadalafil.

Smaller Particles, Better Delivery

Medication is passed directly into the bloodstream via the pulmonary tract and can provide relief for a number of conditions in as little as 10 seconds and reaching all areas of the body in approximately one (1) minute – the time it takes for one complete cycle for blood to circulate through the bloodstream.