Nebulizer V2 hp nebulizer

Better Delivery Better Outcome

The Pharmaceutical Delivery System (PDS)TM device incorporating Micro Micron Mesh (MMM)TM technology to provide precise drug delivery to the lungs without breath Co-ordination.

21st Century Needleless Technology

Common name drugs, Biologic and Biosimilar Therapeutic

Our focus is on treatments and medicines with a Pharmaceutical Delivery System (PDS) capable of producing a mist of droplets that are 2.0 microns or less, that can easily be absorbed into the bloodstream and, in many instances, go directly to the brain.
Zero Co-ordination

Zero Co-ordination

Incorporates Micro Micron Mesh (MMM)TM technology to provide drug delivery to lungs without breath co-ordination.

Increased safety measures.

No Heat


Designed to accomplish the nebulizing process without heat, instead utilizing an active vibrating micro mesh grid to nebulize the medication.

Smaller Particles

Smaller Particles

Ultra small particles produced are extremely vital for flow directly into the bloodstream via the pulmonary tract to allow for medication to provide results within seconds.

Precision Dosing

Precision Dosing

Precision dosing will significantly reduce the amount of medication administered and lead to a reduction of side effects. No Toxic Chemicals.

Safety Protocols

Safety Protocols

Safety protocols assure proper and timely intake of medications by the person to whom they are prescribed.

The Pharmaceutical Delivery System (PDS)™

By utilizing an active vibrating mesh grid, The Pharmaceutical Delivery System (PDS) accomplishes the nebulization process without heat but by utilizing an active vibrating mesh nebulizer. The device generates a “plume” of medication containing particles in the size range of one to five-microns (1-5μ) with between 95% and 98% of the particles clustered around 2.0 microns.

Smaller dosages and the ability to program the PDS to titrate medication amounts down over a period of time will help reduce the risk of, and even provide a method of treatment for dependencies of various narcotics and opioids, nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol.

Nebulizer V2

Easy to use, elegant, portable, affordable, easy dose loading, reusable, light weight, low residue, no waste, unit dose and multi dose replaceable cartridges.


Focused On The Most Promising Segment of the Bio-Medicine Market

Delivery of treatments and medicines without injection such as migraine treatments, pain relief through smaller dosing of various narcotics and opioids, insulin / diabetes treatments, biologics and bio similar cancer treatments, and treatments for Parkinson disease, Alzheimer’s, viral diseases and many other common FDA approved drug applications.