Research & Development

Continuing Vigorous Development

Including the Pharmaceutical Delivery System (PDS) device and replacement cartridges, as well as liquid formulations for a number of markets and other purposes, including but not limited to the tobacco and nicotine market - including reduced risk products and nicotine replacement therapy - for medical and personal use.

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Engineering - patent pending

Our engineering team has recently completed version 2.0 of the PDS. It is a single dose system which includes many new and exciting features:
  • A Vial cage that holds the medication vial in place
  • Increased flow rates that can now be changed as warranted by specific patients’ needs and for different medications
  • The ability to lock out a vial after a dose has been administered
  • Version 3.0 is ongoing and will include bluetooth communication with a smartphone, fingerprint ID and other exciting features

Endotracheal Tube

  • Bionebicine’s CEO, Dr. Donald Pell, developed a non-kinking endotracheal tube and applied for a US patent in 2009.
  • The USPTO approved and published a patent for Dr. Pell’s endotracheal tube in 2012.
  • Bionebicine acquired the patent in 2019
  • There are currently no FDA standards for endotracheal tubes, which has created a market of tubes that kink after they are inserted into patients
  • These tubes kink because they are not Silicone reinforced and they kink when inside of a 100 degree human body
  • An endotracheal tube that has been used to intubate a patient can result in accidental death if it kinks
  • Bionebicine’s tube is made of Silicone, which does not kink when inserted into a 100 degree human body
  • Bionebicine’s tube has a distinctly different type of balloon, which is covered by our approved patent, that prevents gastric contents from clogging the tube


Dr. Pell also developed an apparatus called "Sounds”, which is a small diameter ball on a flexible shaft. When the Sound is inserted into an endotracheal tube (which is in an intubated patient) it will determine if the tube is kinked. Bionebicine has a patent pending on the Sound apparatus, and anticipates that approval is imminent.