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BioNebicineTM Corp. is a Nevada registered company incorporated on March 26, 2018 as the successor corporation to BioNebicineTM LLC which was formed by US based doctors.
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BioNebicine Corporation, a privately held biotech company, is pleased to announce that it has retained Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory, a division of PureAirTM Control Services, Inc., to conduct numerous controlled examinations of particle size emitted by an ultrasonic vibrating mesh nebulizer design with various medical formulations for BioNebicine.

Pulmonary delivery of various medicinal and non-medicinal formulations requires delivery of the formulation such that the particulate size is accepted by the lungs’ alveolus. The Company, in conjunction with its partners, has developed a patent-pending nebulizer device and the necessary solutions and formulations required to achieve the targeted particle size for maximum absorption within the pulmonary system.

BioNebicine has and will be focused on the delivery of pharmaceutical medical formulations in the pharmaceutical market. The Company may also explore various recreation uses such as caffeine and alcohol, as well as delivery of various supplements such as vitamins and weight loss formulations.

The Ideal Partnership

The below management team negotiated a partnership and licensing agreement for use of the Vibrating Micro Micron Mesh (MMM) droplet generation Pulmonary delivery device. BioNebicine is pursuing business opportunities only in the pharmaceuticals market.

Mr. Paul Messina, President & CEO

Donald M. Pell MD
CEO and President

Donald M. Pell M.D. Chairman of the Board


Dr. Robert Wharton, Director

Dr. Govindan Nair, Vice President and Board Member

Dr. Govindan Nair, Vice President in Memorium

The Company has now reached a point where we must certify the results we have seen in our preliminary testing,” stated Dr. Donald Pell, MD, Chairman of the Board. “Future plans to deploy the device into the market require that we can meet the stringent demands of the human pulmonary system to absorb our numerous medication formulations to achieve maximum absorption.”